2012 Houston Quilt Show Hails Again


While at Quilt Market in Houston I was able to take a fast tour around a good share of the outstanding 2012 IQA quilt show.  My, what absolutely amazing quilts. I took pictures of several quilts that really caught my eye. In the next few posts I’ll share some of these quilts with you, as I’m sure you’ll be as dazzled as I was.  My little non-professional Nikon point & shoot did the best it could among the poles, lights, markers, and stands. Please ignore all of these little obstacles. Here’s my first group of photo images: Enjoy this glimpse of extraordinary quilts by talented, imaginative quilters.


Georgia on My Mind by Nancy Brown, Oakland, California

 One of my favorite talented quilters is Nancy Brown. She has given us yet one more great quilt to love. In this heartwarming quilt, penguins on the island of South Georgia carefully walk through the resting elephant seals to get to their nesting grounds.  Nancy machine pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted this quilt.  Naturally, it is an original design.  Love this quilt, Nancy.  It reminds me of my night watching hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of Little Penguins come ashore for the night in Australia.


Hot Africa by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga Kollumerzwaag, Friesland, The Netherlands

While in Kenya during the dry season, Janneke took a photograph of this scene, which she then memorialized by creating this quilt. This quilt is extraordinarily  emotive in person. Here’s a close-up of Janneke’s quilt:

A glimpse up close of this very moving quilt. Great job, Janneke! Love your quilt.


Ocean Blue by Noriko Sato,  Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

Here’s a beauty by Noriko Sato.  She created Ocean Blue to commemorate her son’s graduation from college.  The pattern expresses raging waves of the ocean. She hopes the Mariner’s Compass will help her son to navigate his life safely even in the face of rough waves.  Noriko created this quilt by hand piecing, hand embroidery, and hand quilting.  This quilt was inspired by a workshop with Noriko Masui.


 Vitamin C  by Helena Scheffer and Marion Perrault, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

You can almost smell the juice of the orange, this orange looks so real.  Countless oranges were sacrificed in Helena’s and Marion’s quest for the perfect subject. For the orange, innumerable fabrics were collaged onto flannel. The pith is manipulated cotton batting. Yards of fabric were dyed to achieve the deeply saturated background, which was free-motion quilted using 100 weight silk thread.  Naturally, this was an original design.  So rich—almost good enough to eat!  


 BBK  (Bookcase Before Kindles) by Margaret Kessler, Huntsville, Texas

How clever is this!  I love the details and imagination. Here’s Margaret’s version of a family entertainment center—something for everyone. The fabrics came from her stash and her husband’s ties. The labels came from their clothes, hats, shoes, sleeping bag, quilt friends, selvage edges of fabric, a thrift center (items were re-donated after labels were removed), and Boy Scout badges.  Naturally, this is Margaret’s own design.  Fun quilt.  

Check out the next post for more beautiful and innovative quilts by many talented quilters.