Whew! My new online color class has launched.

Hi Everybody!

I am so happy to let you know that my online color class Color Play for Quilters is now available here. I am excited that it is ready for those of you who want to learn more about color. You can check out the class  by clicking on the Color Play for Quilters button (in the right margin).

I think with everyone’s busy schedule, it makes so much sense to take this class in the comforts of your own home—at your own pace. That sounds perfect to me. You can view the lessons as many times as you wish. You can bookmark (videomark) parts of lessons too and revisit them as often as you need. What an amazing concept.

The class covers tons of color information, including the color wheel, color scales, color temperature, value, visual coloring, color plans,  and three of my favorite color illusions, depth, luminosity, and luster. Also, there are many activities you may choose to do. If you have questions, I’ll be happy to answer them for you.


Well, I might be smiling here, but I’m probably churning inside. For me, talking in front of a camera is scary! It took me days before I realized the camera lens wouldn’t eat me up. O.K., I survived.  That’s because the camera crew was so patient. Actually, they were great! Many thanks goes to Rachel, Jared, and Adam.