Summertime Fresh Fruit Salad

I often serve this very refreshing fruit salad in summer. It is tasty, easy to make, and delicious to eat. Use your favorite fruits that are in season for this dish. Purchase as much as you want of each fruit. If you have a large crowd or if one or two local fruits are in season, you may want to use more of them. You’re aiming to have a bowl full of beautiful fresh fruit—ready to eat.

Strawberries, cut up
Grapes, seedless, red and/or green
Peaches, sliced
Additional in-season fruit
1/3 cup fresh-squeezed orange juice or commercial orange juice
Powdered sugar, optional

Gently run water over the fruit in a colander and let drain. Place all of the fruit in a large serving bowl. Pour the orange juice over the fruit. Gently mix the fruit, so that the orange juice gets well combined. If you want your fruit to be sweetened, sprinkle powdered sugar over the fruit and again, gently mix into the fruit. It’s now ready to serve.
Note: depending on how much fruit you place in the bowl, you may want to adjust the amount of orange juice. The juice keeps the fruit fresh and adds a slight sweetening to the fruit. The orange juice should not be obvious.