Fresh Papaya with Lemon Juice

Every year my family and I head to Hawaii to take a breather from the winter weather. If possible, we eat fresh papaya every day. I like its taste and it’s so easy to fix. Our favorite market at home has fresh papaya flown in from Hawaii during the year, so I frequently treat ourselves to one when on the mainland. If you like papaya, here’s my simple recipe:


1 papaya per two people
1 fresh lemon squeezed for its juice


When I pick a papaya, I look for one that is ripe―one that is more yellow than green and rather homely looking. Additionally, a ready-to-eat papaya has a nice light, sweet smell. If the smell is too strong, it’s probably overly ripe; if there’s no smell and quite green, it’s not ripe.

To eat, I simply cut the papaya in half. I spoon out the seeds and place each half in a bowl, cut-side up. Next I squeeze juice from a fresh lemon liberally over each half. Then, spoons in hand, my husband and I eat the papaya with great contentment.  So easy, so good, and so good for us.