I have loved to cook and bake since I was a wee child. I learned much of what I know about cooking and baking from my Scottish grandmother with whom I spent much time as a child. She taught me how to make bread and rolls long before I went to kindergarten. Being naturally frugal and living on a farm, she taught me how to eat simply and from the land. Hence, my favorite meals are made quite simply from fresh ingredients whenever possible.

I have been gathering my favorite recipes ever since I made my first cake at age 5 after my mother jokingly told me to bake a cake while she went shopping—and I did. Some are family favorites; some have been given to me by friends and relatives; some come from decades-old cookbooks; some are my own concoctions, and a few are relatively new to my collection, as they come from the internet. I hope you find at least one recipe in this collection that you want to include in your family’s eating traditions.

Below is a list of the recipes included. I still have more to include, so as time permits, I will add favorites. Please note that you will find some foods listed in one category, but they could have been placed in another category as well. This is particularly true of seafood and
fruit dishes.

Happy eating and enjoy!



Appetizers, Snacks, Finger-food
Bruschetta a la Tuscany
Chilled Dijon Prawns
Curried Cheese Spread
Danielle’s Yummy Guacamole Dip
Diana’s Tomato Salsa
Dungeness Crab Dip
Finger-Licking Nuts and Bolts


Strawberry-lemonade Punch


Egg Dishes
Puffed Pancake


Breads & Rolls
German Oatmeal Bread
Snow Cap Rolls
World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls


Berry-Cake Cobbler
Childhood Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Truffles
Grandma’s Scotch Shortbread
Queen Pauline’s Lemon Bars
Salted Chocolate Toffee Squares
Scrumptious Peppermint Freeze
Snippy Doodles
Strawberry Cream Pie
Texas Sheet Cake


Papaya, fresh with lemon juice
Pears, roasted with Vanilla Ice Cream
Rhubarb Bars
Strawberries with Sponge Shortcake


Holiday Sweet Potatoes


Grilled Flank Steak


Salads & Dressings
Broccoli Salad
Curried Spinach Salad
Dungeness Crab Caesar Salad
Joen’s Potato Salad
Summertime Fresh Fruit Salad
Bleu cheese dressing
French-Russian dressing


Soups & Such
Pacific Northwest Bouillabaisse
Tortilla Soup, Northwest Style


Baked Beans
Baked Crunchy Vegetables
Creamy Cheese Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potato Casserole