Online Courses


I am excited to have been asked by Sympos to teach an online color class for I have designed this class, Color Play for quilters, for quiltmakers and quilt/textile artists. However, anyone interested in color is welcome to take this class. The class is divided into several lessons. Once you enroll, you can view the lessons as often as you wish and whenever you wish. It doesn’t matter where you live in this world….if you have internet access, you can take this class 24/7 as many times as you wish—all for the same price.

In Color Play for Quilters you will learn many of the most important color concepts needed to create beautiful designs. These concepts include how to work with color scales, color families, and value; how to select color partners when you want to work with a specific color; how to work intuitively with color; and how to create and use three of the most popular and exciting illusions: depth, luminosity, and luster.

If you are interested in learning more about my online color class Color Play for Quilters, click onto the CRAFTSY.COM button. It will take you directly to the Color Play for Quilters class information. If you choose to join me, I really look forward to working
with you.

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