Lorraine Torrence’s Great Fall Design Retreat

Each year Lorraine Torrence offers two design retreats for her long-term design students. It takes place at Camp Huston, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near Stevens Pass in western Washington. This fall retreat, which just finished today,

My offering for this talented group was to play with depth, luminosity, and luster. Designers are at work here.

I was a guest instructor. This fantastic design group works on their own projects during thei retreat. Here and there, additional instructions and activities are provided.  For my mini-class, we worked on scenes and non-objective designs that incorporated depth. We also focused on luminosity,and luster. 

Little design vignettes featuring atmospheric perspective (depth).

  It would be fantastic to be a participant at this retreat:  4 days of pure bliss. I hope lots of you have your own retreats where you can work, play, focus, and expand your experiences without thinking about everyday tasks.

.  Lorraine Torrence looks totally rested even though she’s working her heart out to make this retreat a raving success—-and it always is!  At the end of this month Lorraine is moving to Madison, Wisconsin with her husband. Although she’s relocating, she’ll be continuing these workshops at Camp Huston (everyone loves them). Lorraine will be eager to meet the many quilters in the Madison area. She’s a great teacher, so guys are lucky to be getting her in your midst.


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