Scheduled Engagements




September 17, 2016                     Saturday     Quilted Strait QS        Port Gamble, WA Workshop:                                     Adventures in Design, Session 6


October 7, 2016                           Saturday     Quilted Strait QS         Port Gamble, WA  Workshop:                                    Adventures in Design, Session 7


October 18 and 22, 2016              Tuesday and Saturday                   Mukilteo, WA         Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters         Carla Schultz-Parks                                            Lecture:                                          undecided                       Workshop:                                      A Marriage of Blocks


October 11 – 13, 2016                   Tuesday – Thursday                     Edmonds, WA         Quilters Anonymous                       Diane Hurley                                                   Lectures:                                         undecided                                                     Workshop:                                      undecided


November 8, 2016                         Tuesday                                      Omaha, Nebraska     Omaha Quilters’ Guild                    Maureen Cass         Lecture                                           It’s Color that Makes the Quilts Go WOW! Workshop:                                     Sensational Patterns & How to Draw Them Workshop:                                     Stretching & Squeezing Your Blocks


November 12, 2016                      Saturday      Quilted Strait QS         Port Gamble, WA Quilt Shop                                    Adventures in Design, Session 6




January 16 -17, 2017                  Monday –Tuesday                            Kerrville, Texas Hill Country Quilt Guild                Susan Longacre         Lecture:                                       It’s Color That Makes the Quilts Go WOW! Workshop:                                   Creating a Scene with Pizzazz


Februray 4, 2017                        Saturday    Port Gamble, Washington                   Quilted Strait Quilt Shop              Adventures in Design, Session 1


March 11, 2017                          Saturday     Port Gamble, Washington                    Quilted Strait Quilt Shop             Adventures in Design, Session 2


April 8, 2017                               Saturday     Port Gamble, Washington                    Quilted Strait Quilt Shop             Adventures in Design, Session 3


April 10 – 12                              Monday – Wednesday     Green Bay, Wisconsin       Fiber Artisans                            Karen Matze                                     Lecture:                                     It’s Quilts That Make the Quilts Go Wow! Workshop :                                Lighting Up Your Quilts                        Workshop:                                 A Marriage of Blocks


April 13, 2017                           Thursday            Appleton, Wisconsin                       Darting Needle Quilt Guild        Carrie Cook           Lecture:                                     Glorious Landscapes


May 16 – 17, 2017                   Tuesday – Wed.      Kalamazoo, Michigan       Kalamazoo Log Cabin Quilters  Jean DeSavage      Lecture:                                      undecided                     Workshop:                                  undecided


Fall, 2017 engagements will be added after the beginning of 2017.