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Happy January!


Today there’s blue sky and sunshine with whispers of clouds hanging above our bit of land on this little island. That’s pretty significant for me because today’s my birthday and I think I’ve only seen sunshine and blue sky on my birthday about three times in my lifetime. January birthdays in the Pacific Northwest are usually enhanced with rain, blustery gray days, snow, or huge storms of some sort. So I am excited to have been gifted a beautiful day. My BIG birthday was last year, so this is just one of those that just adds on another digit. It’s painless.

birthday cake chocolate.jpg

My dear friend Alex Anderson has her birthday today, too, and hers IS a major one today! She sent me this cake picture to commemorate our special day. I know she’s enjoying her day…..and has gifted herself an amazing birthday gift.  Birthdays are great and I’m so glad to be able to continue having them. I realize that I have had a lifetime of wonderful memories and splendid experiences and opportunities. I cannot complain one bit.


Now that It’s January and I have no serious deadlines looming over my head, it’s time for me to get back into an organized state.  I’ve tried to give myself a more leisurely schedule this year than in past years. I am so excited to have time on my hands to do things that I have been longing to do for several years. First, however, is the recognition that this is the year of digging out, cleaning up, clearing out, and reorganizing our home. I haven’t been keeping up with my cupboards, drawers, and closets. It’s time to tackle them. So far, I’ve filled my car twice with items to be donated to various places. It feels so good to see progress being made.


I hope you are enjoying this new year.  I hope you, too, are having fun figuring out what you want to do this year. This month is the best month for making commitments. And, this year is as good as the next, and better than the last, so go for it!  Let  me know what you’re planning to do in 2015. Take care.


Talk soon….