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Quilts for PP-46

Globus by Erika Odemer

Greetings this glorious day!

With all of the gorgeous quilts that are being made today, I’ve been thinking about some of the quilts that enthralled many of us in the early days when the explosive idea that quilts could be artistically innovative was beginning to take hold. Nowadays it’s hard to believe there was a time when innovation was not really embraced within the quilt world, but I remember it well.

There are many quilters and their quilts who helped move quilting into what it is today. One that comes immediately to my mind is Erika Odemer from Munich, Germany.  Her quilt Globus (above) was a knock-out when she introduced us to it. Globus took everyone by surprise with its use of traditional blocks in a very non-traditional way. Made in 1988, Globus took first-place in QNM’s international contest Visions of the World. I first saw this quilt in person at Houston in 1988 or 1989 where it also received an award (can’t remember the exact award).

Once it’s apparent to you that this quilt is made up of individual traditional blocks that are stretched and/or squeezed, it makes you realize what a fantastically intricate quilt this is. Erika was a fabric innovator who took quilting into an unbelievably high artistic style with her refreshing and fascinating designs. Of particular note is her “parrot” quilt that is one of the most innovative log cabin quilts that I have ever seen (it’s on the cover of my book The Visual Dance). It’s truly amazing—-especially when you realize it was made in 1990.

On another note, the sun is shining and late spring flowers are blooming wildly. Soon they will give way to summer blooms. I love this time of year.  Besides the garden flowers, it’s baseball time. For me, this means cheering from  the bleachers at innumerable baseball games of several grandchildren—-almost any day of the week.

Ode to spring…..

poppies in lavender-1

Joy to all of you who are putting your quilting aside these days and spending time in your beautiful garden—big or small.

Talk soon….