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September is zooming by quickly. I cannot believe how fast the days have gone. I walked into my local quilt shop yesterday (Gig Harbor) and Harbor Quilt Garden was buzzing away with activity and filled with beautiful new fabrics.

Although I really wanted to purchase many of the new fabrics that were so enticing, I was on a mission, so I had to keep my focus. I was searching for “solid-color” fabrics, as I have an assignment from my dear friend Alex Anderson. I shall be showing how to work with the various color plans in blocks using solids on one of the future episodes of The Quilt Show.

Now this is a true challenge for me, since I haven’t worked with solids since the 1970s and ’80s. I went through my fabric stash and pulled out every solid-color fabric I could find. Honestly, there weren’t many hanging out in my fabric stash. I’ll be working on my “solid challenge” beginning next week. In my search for solids, I have noticed that value and color selections are a bit uneven. So the challenge is on! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I shall persevere!

Also on The Quilt Show program, I will show another set of color-plan blocks showing the types of fabrics I personally like to work with. And, I’m very excited because I have a special bonus segment that I’m presenting that I think will come in handy for everyone who wants to make beautiful quilts. You’ll have to tune in to see what it’s about!

When October rolls around, I will renew acquaintances and meet new quilters when I teach for Quilters Anonymous, a fantastic group of quilters from the Seattle area.. I’m so looking forward to this visit as it’s been a while since I lost worked with them. Also in October, I am heading to Mukilteo, a beautiful little historic town on Puget Sound north of Seattle. It will be my first visit with them. I am so looking forward to working with them AND having time to enjoy their beautiful area.


Now for some other news……

Here’s the information about my newly released little color wheel…..the 12” Essential Color Wheel Companion is printed by C & T Publishing The reason I am so excited about it FINALLY being published is because I’ve been wanting this little color wheel since 1992.  It’s true, some people think I’m slow at getting things done—–and admittedly I can be, but at least I persevere. A mere 24 years can go by soooooo quickly. Here’s a quick glimpse of this new color wheel.


The Essential Color Wheel CompanionEssential Color Wheel Companion

This side shows the most beautiful color companions for each color.

OK. Here are a few reasons why I LOVE this new color wheel:

  • It’s a perfect size!
  • It’s portable. You can use it at your desk or you can pop it into your bag and take it to class with you.
  • It’s two-sided: One side shows the color plan partners for each color (see above). The second side shows a selection of each family’s color hues (picture to be added soon).
  • The color wheel’s edged curves lets you place fabric or colored paper underneath a color to see how they look together. (Note: In this photo the color wheel is set on a white background. There is no white background around the actual color wheel.)
  • This color wheel works perfectly with the 3-in-1 Color Tool.
  • It’s a great color reference.


You can purchase this 12″ color wheel at your local fabric or quilt store or at a craft store. If you live far from town, you can find the Essential Color Wheel Companion online at www.ctpub.com.


I hope this note finds you well and happy.  I assume you are working on a project now…or will be soon.

Happy Coloring!

Joen Wolfrom